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CSA's Cel-Kids provides children and youth opportunities to meet and share experiences with others of their age-group who are also living with CD/DH.

Being a part of CSA's Cel-Kids Network allows you to meet other kids who know how you feel. Along with get-togethers, you will learn important things about staying healthy and living confidently everyday. It's nice to know you're not the only person in the world who has this weird-sounding celiac disease and can't eat the same pizza as your friends.

Cel-Kids Tucson Chapter Notes

SACS is seeking someone who has an interest in aiding families with children on a GF diet. Please contact us for more information about how you can help impact our community.


If you (or your child) are newly diagnosed, Buckwheat, or his buddies Quinoa and Teff, would be willing to go to school with you to explain what this "gluten free diet" is all about to your friends. One of our members did this, and she said it was "So much fun!"

For those of you who need assistance working with your particular teacher and school for your gluten free needs, we have hand outs available and many other ideas for snacks, lunches, and so on. Please click on "Contact Us" below and we would be glad to mail you the hand outs.


To reach the local Tucson Cel-Kids support group, contact Cel-Kids Chair, .

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