Welcome to the Southern Arizona Celiac Support Group

Have you been diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity? If so, we're here to help you. SACS offers general meetings and a monthly roundtable with information on protecting your health by living gluten free. We also sponsor monthly dining out and lunch groups and we offer a newsletter with gluten-free information and many helpful tips.

News and Events

For a full schedule of support group events please see our calendar.

Ongoing Events

See our calendar for monthly details. Dates may change due to unusual circumstances, so please double check.

Gluten-Free Lunch Bunch

On the second Friday of the month we meet for lunch at a different restaurant offering gluten-free food.

Fourth Tuesday Dining

Join us for a gluten-free dinner every fourth Tuesday.


Monthly on the fourth Wednesday we meet at Ward 6 City Hall near Speedway & Country Club.

Gluten-Free Bread Baking Classes

Learn how to make good healthy gluten-free bread by doing it yourself under supervision. After the class we have lunch using the fresh baked bread. Classes are on going and scheduled when enought people request one. Most have been on a weekday morning. Contact Virginia via email rmorgan777@cox.net or call 520 888-5905. A donation is requested to cover expenses.

Symptom Checklist

With the kind permission of Dr. Peter H.R. Green we are able to reproduce the symptoms checklist from his book Celiac Disease—A Hidden Epidemic. Use it to see if you should talk to your doctor about testing for celiac disease. We've also attached a diagram showing the steps to arrive at a diagnosis. Note that not every doctor will follow exactly this sequence, but you should be insistent on following up with all tests needed to establish for certain if you do or don't have celiac disease.

It's not just about "wheat"

We want to remind everyone with celiac disease or on a gluten-free diet that ALL types of wheat, by any name, contain gluten at levels harmful to anyone who is sensitive to it. This includes: Bulgur, common or bread wheat, Durum, Einkorn, Emmer, Kamut, Semolina and Spelt and any other type of wheat (any member of the genus Triticum). Be wary of any claims to the contrary.

Our parent organization, the Celiac Sprue Association, has a web page outlining the different grains and their gluten-free status.

Gluten-Free School Lunches

The diet.com blog recently posted an article on school lunchs and making sure they are gluten free. The include suggestions on how to ensure that your child receives gluten-free meals at school. There's also a good article from the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness on gluten-free lunch guidelines and how to navigate the requirements of your school.

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